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We are the significant Political Player on the Kenyan Coast!

In our first year of formation as a Political Party, Pamoja African Alliance has proven itself to be the answer to the self-governance that the people at the Kenyan Coast have been looking for. We however have also started making inroads into other areas of the Nation.

Our Party Promises

Guided by our four core values of freedom, equality, inclusivity and justice, we commit to use these as the foundation and assisted by infrastructure, IT, Land reform among others as enablers to make the following three promises.

Economic Prosperity

ensure a self-reliant society

Social Security

Ensure a healthy, cohesive and secure nation

Political Governance

A free nation built on foundations of democracy and good governance

Performance in the 2022 General Elections

For a newly formed Political Party. Pamoja African Alliance performed better than expected by all standards.


Total Number of Aspirants through PAA for the 2022 General Elections


Total number of female aspirants in an area previously dominated by male aspirants


Number of Counties from across the Nation that we had aspirants in.


Number of Elected and Nominated Officials that PAA managed to garner in the 2022 General Elections


Current position in ranking by representation in the National Assembly.


Number of wards in which we had aspirants from

Pamoja AFrican Alliance has a Party Ideology that understands the Kenyan people. We believe that this Party is the only option for self governance especially for the Coastal people. This will in turn translate into tangible benefits for the diverse communities that are found across our Nation.

The PAA Party Ideology is inspired by the ‘Ubuntu’ Philosophy or “Humanity towards others”, starting from the Family Hut, Homestead, Village, Community, Region and culminating to ONE KENYA, ONE PEOPLE.


Involve local communities in the management and benefit sharing of the resources associated with the blue economy. Revive and empower agricultural activities and industries in the region to empower coastal communities and create an avenue for export.

Social Equity

We continually seek to introduce devolved Socio Economic policies and interventions that have to do with Social Welfare, Food Security, Education and Universal Health Insurance for all.


We will enshrine rule of law as a set of enduring legal principles that are embodied in the Constitution and that constrain government action. This way, the government may not put these rules aside as optional and act without limit

We are in Government

Pamoja Africal Alliance is part of the Kenya Kwanza Alliance

On 8th May 2022, PAA signed a Coalition Agreement with Kenya Kwanza Alliance. Due to the historical and continued marginalization of the coast region, PAA prioritized three Agenda items in this agreement so as to address this endemic vice;-

(1) The land question

(2) The region’s economy

(3) Inclusivity in mainstream public service.